Officers of the Inn

The Inn has four officers. The Treasurer is the head of the Society and presides at meetings of Council. There are also the Master of the Library, the Keeper of the Black Book and Dean of the Chapel, and the Master of the Walks. The following are the Officers of the Society for 2016:

Treasurer: The Rt Hon Sir John Goldring
Master of the Library: The Rt Hon Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury
Keeper of the Black Book and Dean of the Chapel: The RtHon Lord Justice Patten
Master of the Walks: The Rt Hon Lord Justice McCombe

The immediate past Treasurer is Sir William Blackburne. 

The normal course is for a bencher to hold each office for a year, starting with Master of the Walks and progressing to the Treasurership. There are elections to each office each year, the electorate being the ordinary benchers of the Inn, ie those benchers who are neither honorary nor emeritus.

The offices and their titles have been settled since the seventeenth century and allow the holders to gain experience of different aspects of the administration of the Inn before assuming the Treasurership.