Lincoln's Inn provides a Marshalling scheme for its BPTC students. To apply for the scheme you must have completed at least three months of your BPTC. Part-time students should have completed the first year of their BPTC. Please do not apply until you are eligible for marshalling. Early applications will not be accepted and multiple entries will be ignored. Please note that the Marshalling Scheme does not guarantee a placement, you will be emailed if we find a suitable match, following submission of the application.

Marshalling involves the student accompanying a judge at a particular court over a one to three day period. It provides an invaluable opportunity for the student to gain a real insight into the daily workings of the court, and how judges consider and manage cases. It also deepens the student’s understanding of law. The judges participating in the scheme do so on a voluntary basis and warmly receive marshals who then have the chance to see court proceedings from a whole new perspective. You will be able to discuss the case with the judge, give your opinions and, most importantly, learn from the judge and other judges that you will meet over your time at the court.

Feedback from students who have taken part in marshalling is very positive and as a result there is always a large number of students who wish to do so. As a result we restrict access to the scheme to those that have not marshalled with a judge in any capacity previously. This also allows us, as far as possible, to match students with judges who do the kind of work they are most interested in. Equally, we try to arrange placements at Court centres in the areas requested by the student. Sometimes it is not possible to make these as close as the student might wish but in such cases the students should be flexible, so that they can benefit from the scheme. That is particularly so for placements which might be sought in Central London but which are only available for the dates requested a little further out but still easily accessible on a daily basis.

In keeping with the closure of the courts in the summer, the scheme operates a rolling rota system. Students are able to marshal with a Judge from October to June. The scheme is closed for the summer vacation, i.e. for July, August and September. 

If you have completed three months or more of your BPTC and are interested in applying for the scheme, please complete this application form. A member of the Education team will be in touch should an appropriate placement be found. Please note that placements are not guaranteed.

If you have any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 7405 1393.

Marshalling can sometimes be arranged also for Called members of the Inn but they should be aware that priority is given to those still on the BPTC. Priority will also always be given to those who have not had any marshalling experience before.