Mentoring Scheme

This scheme is open to all students on the Bar Professional Training Course, but is not compulsory. Students are matched with a practising barrister, who will give advice on all aspects of a career at the bar. It is entirely up to mentors and their students to decide how and when they meet, but there are a number of opportunities to dine in Hall together throughout the year. To apply for the scheme please complete and submit the application form below. 

Members of the bar take part in this scheme voluntarily and are in great demand so please ensure that you intend to be fully involved in the scheme before applying.

If you have problems in making contact with your mentor you must let the Treasury Office know. We cannot help you if you do not tell us you need help.

Please note:

  1. Although every attempt will always be made to find a mentor within your first chosen area, it cannot be guaranteed. 
  2. Whenever you change your contact details, please let the Inn and your mentor know immediately. 
  3. Mentoring within this Inn is not monetary and so will not exclude you from being eligible for funded pupillage, as referred to in the "Pupillages and Awards Handbook". 
  4. A mentor cannot arrange pupillage for you. 
  5. The allocation of a mentor is not necessary for an introduction to a bencher for call to the bar.

Only those currently on the BPTC are eligible to apply for the scheme. However, if you are not commencing the BPTC this year but are still interested in the Mentoring Scheme please contact June Gascoine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mentoring Scheme
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