Student Representation

Students can assist the Inn during their BPTC year and help represent the interests of their fellow students by becoming a Student Representative, Secretary for one of the Inn's student clubs or a Committee Member of the Inn's Junior Members' Association. 

Student Representatives

The Inn very much relies upon the support of the Lincoln’s Inn Student Representatives at each of the BPTC providers, as they act as the link between the Inn and the student body and represent their fellow students' interests at the Inn's Students' Activities Executive Committee. The Representatives are encouraged to communicate to the Inn feedback from students on issues concerning their student affiliation to the Inn, and other issues pertinent to their education and training for the Bar.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Acting as a line of communication between the Inn and students regarding arrangements for qualifying sessions, mooting, debating and other activities and to report matters of concern affecting the students at their Provider.
  • Reps for Providers outside London are expected to organise at least one and up to three educational activities (which can be accredited as qualifying sessions).  Funding is provided by the Inn subject to approval.
  • All Student Representatives sit on the Junior Members’ Association committee. The Student Reps are expected to attend to meetings of the Junior Members' Association (JMA) Committee. The Committee generally meets once per term.  All Reps can attend if they wish but will be expected to contribute to each of these meetings and will be invited to submit items for JMA Committee agendas.

Student Clubs

The student secretaries for the Debating and Mooting Clubs provide vital assistance to the Education Department in running the clubs and organising both internal and external competitions. Two secretaries are appointed for each Club to assist the Education Department and the club judges with the arrangements for Club meetings and internal and external competitions.  

Due to the nature of the role, the Secretaries must be students at one of the London BPTC Providers. Debating and Mooting activities at Providers outside London can be organised by the Student Representative/s for that institution and are welcome to liaise with the Secretaries regarding local competition opportunities.  

Junior Members' Association

All students are automatically members of this Association, unless they choose not to be, and remain so for two year's post-Call. All pupil members of the Inn are automatically members of the Association, unless they choose not to be, regardless of how many years post Call their pupillage commences. 

The Association aims to represent and promote the views of our students and junior members, encourage better links between the senior and junior members of the Inn and organise social and educational activities for students and junior members.

The Committee of the Association is made up of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary for the Association. Representatives for the Inn's students, pupils and junior members are also invited to sit on the Committee.

All of these roles provide an excellent opportunity for students to get involved in the life of the Inn and interact with other members of the Inn at all levels.

The Junior Members' Association Committee for 2016/17 are led by:

President: Hazel Jackson

Vice-President: Ben Hamer

Treasurer: David Russell

Secretary: Bryn Harris

How to Apply

The deadline for applications has now passed. We will be accepting applications for these positions for the the 2017/18 academic year in early September.

These positions shall be appointed by application which will be found on this webpage.  A panel of Benchers and barristers from the Inn shall review the applications for these roles.  Students can apply for as many positions as they like but they will usually only be allocated one position if they are deemed suitable by our panel, although those selected as Student Representatives may also be considered for one of the Association committee positions.

The term of office for all positions is 1 November to 31 July.

If you have any questions about supporting the Inn as a BPTC student please contact Clara Shepherd (Students Coordinator) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .