Every student who is being Called to the Bar (with the exception of those being Called in their absence) must attend the drinks reception on their Call Night.  Any student who does not comply with this requirement may have their Call revoked.

(a) A certain amount of documentation has to be completed by the Treasury office before Call, consequently the office must be given plenty of notice of your intention to be Called.  Full details and posters about when the booking for Call opens will be sent to the BPTC Student Representatives and will be posted around the Inn in February giving the date when Call forms will be available from the Office for completion.  Students are encouraged to apply promptly as demand is strong and a capping system is in operation.

(b) Many formalities have to be completed immediately before Call and usually in the final dining term; details of the procedure for Call will be sent to students beforehand but may well make the schedule rather tight. Students should endeavour to complete their qualifying sessions by the end of the May dining period as the July dining period is normally very short and we may not be able to accommodate everyone for their final dining sessions.

(c) Should a student fail in their exams after registration for Call, their application will be withdrawn.  It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Office if they wish to be entered for a future Call. 

(d) Contact June Gascoine for full details  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Hilary 2017: Tuesday 7 & Thursday 9 March. NOW CLOSED

Trinity 2017: Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 July

Deferred Trinity 2017: Tuesday 10 & Thursday 12 October

Michaelmas 2017: Thursday 23 & Tuesday 28 November