Pupillage Awards

Application Criteria

Pupillage Awards are available only for those who at the time of application have the firm offer of a pupillage timed to begin during the twelve months following the date of application and who have performed well in the Bar Professional Training Course.

The Inn makes up to fifty Pupillage Awards each year. Almost all are for modest amounts not exceeding £1,500.

Amounts awarded are directly determined by the Chambers Awards and Guaranteed Income that is provided during your Pupillage year. Please ensure this information is accurately reflected on your Application Form.

Pupillage awards are considered on paper, there are no interviews for these awards.



Application Form

Complete and return application forms to the Treasury Office by the appropriate closing date (listed below).  References MUST also be received by the closing date.

Current application forms & relevant documents:

Download the Pupillage Application Form for 2017-18
Download the Confidential Reference Form

The closing date for these awards is 31 July each year. Application forms are available from the Scholarships Coordinator, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The above Confidential Reference Form may be used or referees may produce their reference on headed paper. 

The Inn does not write to referees or chase up references on behalf of the applicant.

Closing Dates

Applications must be submitted and received at the Treasury Office by 4.00 PM at the latest on the closing date.

If posting, we would strongly encourage using the "Guaranteed Next Day Delivery" service.

- Pupillage Awards: the closing date is 31 July 2017 and you must only apply if you have a firm offer of Pupillage secured.



Pupillage Awards Summary

Below is provided a brief summary of the history of Pupillage Awards offered by Lincoln’s Inn.

  1. One or more Sunley Scholarship, established in 1972 by the Bernard Sunley Foundation.
  2. One or more Wolfson Scholarship, established in 1977 by Sir Isaac Wolfson from the Edith and Isaac Wolfson Charitable Trust.
  3. The Hubert Greenland Scholarship, established in 1953 at the bequest of Dora Greenland.
  4. The Eastham Scholarship, established in 1965 at the bequest of Sir Tom Eastham QC.
  5. The Megarry Scholarship, established in 1970 at the Rt Hon Sir Robert Megarry. Where there is equal merit, preference is given in the award of this Pupillage Scholarship to those educated at Lancing College or Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
  6. The Levitt Scholarship, established in 1985 at the bequest of Dr Levitt.
  7. The Shelford Scholarship, established in 1986 at the bequest of T M Shelford QC.
  8. The Cholmeley Studentships, from funds derived from the bequest to the Inn in 1565 by Sir Roger Cholmeley (Chief Justice of the King’s Bench) of a house in Newgate Street