Educational Awards Fund

On 9 December 2003 the Trustees merged a number of existing charities in accordance with a Charity Commission Scheme.  These were: -

The Bennett Fund

The Bernard Sunley (Walter Wigglesworth) Memorial

The Brigid Cotter fund

The Buchanan Prize (314241)

The Cassel Scholarship Trust (313994)

The Droop Scholarship (313568)

The Hubert Greenland Fund

The Isaac Wolfson Fund

The Kennedy Fund (313542)

The Megarry Scholarship Fund

The Morton of Henryton Prize (313990)

The Sir Thomas Eastham (313990)

The Stiebel Trust

The Thomas More Fund

The Walter Wigglesworth Scholarship

The merged charity is called


The purposes of the charities have not changed.  The merger was undertaken to improve administration processes, make cost savings and consolidate investments to offer the potential for higher investment returns.

On 1 April 2011 the assets of the 1946 Fund, a small charity with similar objects to those of the Educational Awards Fund, were transferred into the Educational Awards Fund after agreement with the Charity Commission under s.26 of the Charities Act 1993. The transfer value amounted to £270,519.

The object of the charity is the advancement of the education of the students and pupil barristers of Lincoln’s Inn in the field of law. 

The principal activity of the Trustees is to generate income from the trust funds and to use that income to assist in the provision by The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn of scholarships or other awards to students or pupil barristers of Lincoln’s Inn.

Most people reading this will know that the courts and legal profession of this country provide legal services that are respected both at home and abroad. We all benefit from this in many ways. Not least, we benefit from the way litigants and potential litigants from overseas seek advice and justice according to law, from our lawyers and our courts.

This happy state of affairs can only continue, however, if there continues to be a good supply of duly qualified people of good character and high ability to practise and administer the law.

In this connection, most people reading this will be aware that young men and women studying for and starting to practise in professions and vocations need financial support from sources other than public funds and family money, much more than they did before. The object of the Educational Awards Fund is to help with this financial support.

Accordingly, awards are made to candidates of merit to assist them with their funding throughout the common professional examination, bar vocational course and pupillage years because it is the Inn’s view that these are the years when students need the most financial support.

Merit is assessed in terms of the candidate’s intellectual qualities, which are of the highest importance at the modern Bar, together with qualities of personality and presentation, also regarded as being of the greatest importance in anyone aiming at life as a barrister. Merit is assessed by a consideration of all the material placed before the Inn by the candidate in his or her written application and references together with, where a candidate is invited for interview, consideration of the candidate by a panel of interviewers. Candidates whose written applications do not, upon careful consideration, disclose the requisite quality, will not be invited for interview. Lincoln’s Inn advertises the qualities it is looking for on its website.

Lincoln’s Inn does not means test its candidates nor does it discriminate unlawfully against any person on the grounds of that person's sex, colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, or age, or in any other way that is unlawful.

The Trustees of the Educational Awards Fund believe that these application criteria do not create unreasonable restrictions on access by candidates to the scholarships available.

The Educational Awards Fund makes grants towards the overall level of individual awards made by Lincoln's Inn.  Income earned from investments in the form of dividends and interest is transferred as received from the investment manager to the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. 

In September 2003 and in subsequent years, the Fund has received donations to the Euro Prize Fund which is restricted to Euro Education Awards only. In December 2009 the Fund received a donation of £10k from the Tun Azmi Foundation, to be utilised to award pupils who are Malaysian students called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn.

In making a grant the Educational Awards Fund Trustees expect the responsible Committee to supervise the spending of the monies granted. The Educational Awards Fund Trustees are not themselves in a position to do so. Expenditure by Lincoln’s Inn is controlled and managed by its various officers and monitored by the Finance, Education and Scholarship Committees. Lincoln’s Inn pays the individual in question on approval from the relevant Committees and on production of properly approved applications for scholarships payments. Once a payment has been made by the Inn, the Inn requests part or all of the promised contribution from the fund. The value of contributions is never more than the total value of scholarships; Lincoln’s Inn makes up any shortfall.

The Trustees agree that the grant making policy and procedure achieve the objectives of the Fund.

It is hoped that members and friends of the Inn, knowing of the importance of the Educational Awards Fund, will wish to make contributions to it. A payment form is attached, and attention is drawn to the need for UK taxpayers to sign the Gift Aid declaration at the bottom, so that this important benefit can be claimed. Your home address is also required, so please enter this in the section provided.

Finally, this and other charitable funds associate with the Inn benefit considerably from legacies, so please think about this if you are making or remaking your Will. All legacies, whatever their size, are much appreciated.

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