Holdings C

Administration: Steward and Treasury Office


Stewards' Bonds:
1574-1861, not continuous.

Accounting Records:
Treasurers’ Accounts: 1588-1622 fragmentary survivals; 1715-1899.

For Treasurers' and Pensioners' accounts 1422-1641 see the Black Book
(during this period the annual accounts were transcribed into the Black Book);
for Treasurers' accounts 1641-1714 see printed Black Books, Volume 3, pp. 437-9 (contains abstracts of account rolls now lost).

Audited annual accounts and balance sheets, financial statements, scholarship and trust accounts from 1900.

Draft Treasurers' Accounts 1672-1760: Accounts 1672-81; Receipts 1711-60; Payments 1713-39.

Cash Books: 1764-77, 1867-1900; 1927-63.

General Ledgers: 1920-63.

Subsidiary Account Books from 1567, not continuous.

Bank Books: 1811-1944, not continuous.

Guard Book and Letter Books 1865-1946, not continuous;
letters received by the Steward 1873-4, 1879-80, c.1895-c.1910;
Treasury Office correspondence files from early 20th century.

Local Government Functions:
Steward's records as Overseer of the Poor for the extra-parochial township of Lincoln's Inn, including compilation and revision of electoral rolls 1832-88.

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