Holdings D

Deeds and Legal Agreements


Title Deeds of the Site of Lincoln's Inn:
augmentation of the site and successive conveyances in trust from 1228.

Furnival's Inn and Thavies Inn (Inns of Chancery):
deeds of purchase, lease and sale 1547-1888.

The King's Grocer's House, Newgate Market
(later the Rainbow Coffee House and Mouflet's Hotel, Newgate Street):
deeds of purchase and leases, 1536-1842; correspondence and papers, 1900-27.

Lincoln's Inn Fields:
leases, agreements, trust deeds and related papers, including building proposals, from 1642; also coloured plan of the Fields pre-1657.

New Square:
Serle's Court building agreement 1682; title deeds of chambers and shops from late 17th century.

Land Registry certificates of title.

Other deeds and legal documents includes:
armorial bearings: Grant of Arms 1967;
trust funds for charitable purposes, including scholarships for the promotion of legal education, from 1676.


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