Holdings E

Estate Management

Chambers throughout the Inn, includes:

The Red Books: admittances to chambers in Lincoln's Inn 1598-1891.
For evidence of chambers occupancy prior to the Red Books see the annual Treasurers' and Pensioners' accounts transcribed into the Black Book.

Serle's Court alias New Square: Orders of Council and Admission to Chambers 1689-1894;
Serle's Court Act 1860; New Square Committee of Proprietors from 1860: minutes and bluejackets; registers of proprietors, accounts and correspondence.

Stone Buildings: Orders Books 1768-1891; Admission to Chambers 1780-1899.

Leases: early leases and sub-leases, copies of admittances to chambers 18th and 19th centuries; historical counterpart leases and tenancy agreements from 1900; registers of leases from 1905.

Rent Rolls: 1784, 1786, 1857-1906; annual rent rolls 1911-78.

Contract Documents, Specifications and Estimates includes:
renovation of Chapel 1685; Stone Buildings from 1775; New Hall and Library building 1843-5; Library extension 1871; 4-6 New Square Refurbishment 1998.

Drawings, Plans and Prints includes:
Stone Buildings competition design drawings from 1770s and Variations 1787;
Great Hall and Library plans 1843-5.

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