Holdings J



Consecration 1623:
deed of consecration; Encoenia: John Donne's published sermon bound with the manuscript text of the order of service for the Chapel consecration; transcription of the manuscript text of the Latin liturgy and English prayers.

applications 1831-61, not continuous.
For later applications see Treasury Office files.

registers of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1695.
Lincoln's Inn Chapel, together with the Fleet Prison Chapel, was a venue for "clandestine marriages" until Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1753.  The right to hold weddings here was resumed from 1910.  Registers survive only from 1695 but burials certainly took place at an earlier date and marriages and christenings might well also have been customary.  Burials ceased in 1852.

For indexed transcripts of the registers (baptisms 1716-1806, marriages 1695-1754, and burials 1695-1852) see the Inn’s printed Admissions.

Records of special and memorial services.
For later records see Treasury Office files.

Warburton Lectureship, includes:
trust deeds from 1768; minutes of trustees’ meetings 1861-1936; accounting and bank records 1904-88.

Chapel Fabric, includes:
subscription list 1688; Council orders and accounts for repairs 1794-5; papers concerning the acquisition of the new Chapel organ 1855-6; Chapel restoration works 1988-2000.


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