Holdings K, L. M Miscellaneous

K  Porters

Watch books 1883-97.
Boghouse key books c.1840-1906.

L  Common Room

Minutes of committees and annual general meetings 1880-1939.
Register of members 1928-39.
Accounts 1907-39.

M  History of Lincoln's Inn


Publications by the Inn, includes:
surviving manuscript and typescript drafts; printing plates for illustrations.

Audio-Visual Material:
Video, DVD and audio tape recordings from 1993.

buildings, chattels, paintings, events and members.

Externally Published Material featuring the Inn:
newspaper and magazine articles; books; illustrated calendars.

Miscellaneous Documents:
documents acquired or purchased by the Inn, donated to the Inn or discovered on the Inn's premises, includes:
Spencer Letter c. 1611-12;
Hogarth’s painting "Paul Before Felix" manuscripts 1745-8;
G.F. Watts's fresco "A Hemicycle of Lawgivers"correspondence and papers 1852-60.

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