The built environment of the Inn is subject to the biggest set of changes for well over a century and major works to the Great Hall, the Library and the Eastern Terrace mean that between July 2016 and early 2018  uses of various spaces in the Inn will change, as will access and availability.

Please click here to view a map which details all accessible points of entry (marked with a D). There is only one vehicle access point and that is clearly marked on the map. Pedestrian gates are only open from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

Chambers and Solicitors' Firms: Clients of chambers or solicitors' firms in the Inn should always inform the chambers or firm of their requirements. Many of the chambers can only be accessed via staircases. The Inn has a stair climber to assist access but it must be ordered by chambers or solicitors from the Chief Porter's office. Chambers and solicitors will be able to give the necessary information with regards to their buildings. They will also be able to arrange, if notified in advance, parking close to their premises.

The Great Hall: The Great Hall is closed and not accessible for the duration of the Development works.

Library: There is a disabled lift to give access to the Library, however, you will need to phone the Library in advance so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Members' Common RoomThe Members’ Common Room (MCR) is situated in the Old Court Room during the Development. The MCR is open from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays and serves a selection of hot beverages, cakes, bar snacks, sandwiches & platters, drinks & cocktails.

Old Hall: The Old Hall has access from its front door immediately opposite the front gate. Again arrangements should be made in advance so that a ramp can be placed over the three steps into the entrance. A platform lift provides wheelchair access to the Crypt.

The Chapel: There is a disabled lift giving access to the Chapel to side of the stairs leading up to the chapel which is clearly signed. Access to the lift is from the passageway that connects the Chapel to the Old Hall and is immediately on the left inside the passage.

33 Chancery Lane: Access is from Rolls Passage off Chancery Lane. The Treasury Reception is based here for the duration of the Development works. Reception is manned from 9 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. The Education Department is also temporarily based here. There is access by lift to the meeting and seminar rooms. Again it is advisable to notify those you are meeting in advance to ensure that doors are open and the lift switched on.

Enquiries regarding access should be made in the first instance to the Treasury Office on 020 7405 1393.

For the most up-to-date news on the Development, please visit our website: www.lincolnsinndevelopment.co.uk