Bar Representation

The Bar Representation Committee plays a prominent part in the affairs of the Inn. Elections are held each year for the Committee, which currently has thirty-one members (twenty-four elected, seven co-opted).

Members of the Committee sit on most of the Inn’s Bench Committees and thereby play an active role in the management of the Inn; having an input into Inn’s responses to Bar Council proposals and a say in strategic issues such as the management of the Inn’s property, finances and investment, as well as education, admissions and scholarships.

The Committee meets 9 times per year to discuss issues which have arisen and to represent the views of the Bar to the Bench on matters which affect them. The representation of the Bar in the running of the Inn’s affairs is an important aspect of the Inn’s influence over the running of the Bar generally. Newly-elected members serve for between one and four years the Chairman for two years, and co-opted members between one and two years from election.

For details of the Committee's current membership, please see the Bar Representation Committee page.




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