Holdings A

Council and Committees

Council of Masters of the Bench, includes:

Black Book: minutes and memoranda of the governing Council of Benchers, the Inn’s main record from 1422; also on microfilm.
See also printed Black Books 1422-1965.

Bluejackets: draft Council minutes and papers: 1759-62; 1776-7; 1797; undated 18th century; 1800-72 fragmentary survivals; 1885-99; from 1920.

Working papers of Benchers on Council business, not continuous; some early 17th century survivals.

Standing Committees and Sub-Committees of Masters of the Bench, includes:

  Finance from 1858;
  Library from 1842;
  Chapel from 1895;
  Garden from 1934;
  Buildings 1865-88, not continuous; then from 1898;
  Chattels from 1899;
  Students: Admissions, Pupillage and Call from 1910;
  Kitchen from 1901;
  Discipline from 1928;
  Bar Representation from 1946;
  Scholarships from 1911;
  Education from 1990;
  Treasurer's from 1995.

There are also papers for a number of ad hoc special committees, for example for new buildings and special events.

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